2014 Howitzer Cup Finals


B-52 Bombers vs Tarpan Horses


The Burnaby B-52 Bombers and the Tarpan Horses go toe-to-toe in the 9th Howitzer Cup finals.  The Bombers are the natural favorites with home-ice advantage, leading the way in the scoring race, and a lot of motivation to make up for last season's loss to the Killers.  The Horses return to the finals with a very different team than they had when they were last there 5 years ago with only 1 returning member in the starting lineup from those appearances.

Lets take a look at the big 2 for each team.

B-52 Bombers

Leading the way for the B-52 Bombers is Nicklas Backstrom.  Backstrom is 3rd among playmakers and total scorers with 127 points on the season.  Last season Backstrom posted 6 points in the finals, but with Patrick Kane falling to injury the Bombers will be relying heavily on Backstrom.

Tuuka Rask, the top goaltender in the league, posted 10 points last season for the Bombers.  Rask, a former Horse, always pulls out his A-game vs the Horses and he'll be looking to show the Horses why they made the wrong choice moving him.



Sidney Crosby will be leading the Tarpan Horses into the finals this season.  Crosby was last in the finals in 2008 with the Puck Handlers.  In that match Crosby scored only 4 points in a loss to the Horses.  This time he'll be looking to lead the way for the Horses.  Crosby is the leading scorer this year with 160 points heading into the finals.

Marc-Andre Fleury has struggled to get wins recently, but the all-time playoff point scorer will naturally get the nod for the Horses.  While currently only ranked 5th among goaltenders, Fleury is a former Sakic Award winner and has posted 8 and 12 points in his two finals appearances.

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