Trade: Brandon Gormley for Rick Nash


After much shopping and negotiating the Tarpan Horses have moved Brandon Gormley to the Grave Diggers in exchange for Rick Nash and a 3rd Rounder (65th Overall) in 2014.

Brandon Gormley was drafted by the Tarpan Horses in the 4th Round (92nd Overall) in 2010 and is yet to play a game in the DHL.

Rick Nash's history, on the other hand, is a little bit more complex as has now been traded 8 times in DHL history.  Nash was drafted 3rd overall in the 2005 inaugural draft by the Hordy Heroes, who later moved to Burnaby and became the B-52 Bombers.  The Bombers then traded him to the Panzer Division in August of 2006, who traded him to the Lottobotz in November of 2006, who then moved him to the Steelworkers in May 2007, who then flipped him o the Devilfish in October 2007, who then moved him back to the Steelworkers in November 2010, who then moved him to the PUck Pimps in December 2011, who moved him to the Grave Diggers in June 2012 prior to this trade.

Nash has scored 661 points over 202 matches (503 NHL points in 597 games) in his DHL career with 27 points in 10 matches during the playoffs.  Nash is coming off a struggling year where he played only 60 games, and scored only 37 NHL points and 44 DHL points


Grave Diggers Press Release:

Gormley is supposed to be a good hockey player.
Rick Nash was supposed to be a good hockey player.


Horses Press Release:

This was a tough one.  I have really liked watching Gormley grow to a legitimate prospect since being drafted with such a late pick.  I had planned to hold on to Gormley while trading another defenceman, but building out our forward depth and building draft depth was a really attractive option.  Rick Nash is a legitimate DHL Sniper, and we're hoping he can help us make up for the a sour ending last year.

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