3rd Overall On The Move

The Pleasant Valley Horror have made a big move this summer moving up in the draft to acquire the 3rd Overall pick from the Inlet Invincible Ice-Dwellers in exchange for the 7th Overall, 25th Overall, and 46th Overall in the 2014 Entry Draft. 

This will mark the second the year in a row that the Horror have drafted 3rd overall after drafting Aleksander Barkov 3rd overall last year, and the 3rd top 5 picks in as many years as they picked up Nick Leddy 5th overall in 2012.

While the Invicible Ice Dwellers have dropped from 3rd overall to 7th overall, it still ranks as the highest pick that the franchise has ever had with Filip Forsberg going 9th overall being the current highest ever.

In honor of this trade lets take a look back and compare 3rd and 7th overalls to see...is it with it in a historical context?

2013: Barkov vs Monahan
2012: Galchenyuk vs Holtby
2011: Landeskog vs Strom
2010: Ennis vs Hornqvist
2009: Duchene vs Hiller
2008: Filatov vs Bogosian
2007: Backstrom (G) vs Bieksa
2006: Armstrong vs Backstrom (F)
2005: Nash vs Kovalchuk

What group would you rather have?


Horror Press Release:

With the draft looming at the end of summer like an iceberg before a luxury cruise vessel, the Horror scouting staff informed Pleasant Valley GM Chris Clarke that they wanted to move up, quote, "at least two spots, three is better, four is ideal."  The organization braintrust believed they had the assets to make this happen without interfering with the team's other goals for the 2014 draft.  Discussions were reportedly held with the holders of the 5th, 4th and 2nd overall picks, but at the end of the day, it was Invincible Ice-Dwellers GM Beth Roy who was willing to play ball.  "That is one tough, stone-cold woman," GM Clarke was heard muttering as he stumbled away from the phone, pale, a little blood trickling from his right ear.  Team publicist Camille Henderson tried to put a positive spin on the price paid by GM Clarke.  "Was it expensive?  Sure.  But at the end of the day, the Horror now draft 3rd and 13th, have a 2nd round pick left and a long-shot in the 4th.  The highly touted 2015 draft is also still intact and strong.  What's not to like?"  Local sportswriter Tony Gallagher had this to add:  "Wreeeeeeearrrrrrrrnnnnnngghh."

Ice Dwellers Press Release:

After a frenzied flurry of fanatical transcontinental negotiations starting at four am PST Wednesday and finishing just before 1:30 am Thursday Belgium time, Inlet Invincible Ice-Dwellers GM, Beth Roy, finally surrendered the IIIDs 3rd overall draft pick to the Pleasant Valley Horror.

In return, the IIID are thrilled to extend warm and hearty Inlet welcomes to the 7th overall, the 25th overall and 46th overall 2014 picks!  Dropping those 4 critical spots, and consequently out of the running for the Fantastic Four, was a difficult decision for the IIID.  Particularly when trade talks began dabbling in the greatly touted and resolutely protected 2015 pool, both GM Roy and GM Clark nearly walked away from negotiations.  However in the end, the IIID felt that the two extra 2014 second rounders they acquired will more than yield the compensating assets to justify this four spot slide.

An in-depth analysis of IIID scouting reports indicates that true greatness is expected from The Seventh Overall.  His size, strength, social demeanour, ice sense, and skating ability are setting him up for a first line, superstar future.

While less publicized, The Twenty-Fifth Overall is also shaping up to be a gem.  Breaking no less than 5 scoring records in his short AHL career, the IIID are thrilled to add this late- bloomer to our training camps this summer.

Although contract talks with The Fourty-Sixth Overall are still underway, GM Roy was quoted saying "We are confident that a long term, mutually agreeable consensus is imminent."  The Fourty-Sixth Overall's had their best season ever in 2013-2014 and the IIID is optimistic that their success will be further encouraged by sharing a line with established IIID rockstars, Eberle and Johnson.

Best of Luck to DraisaitlBennetReinhaet in the coming season with the Horror and the bestest of wishes to our new Thrilling Three!!!


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